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May 09, 2011


It applies to new cell phones, yes. Somewhat more problematic is the pending release of cell numbers to telemarketeers. Not only will they call, you'll be charged.

On this note, check out the new cell phone requirements coming our way. All phones will be required to have the ability to transit government alerts to you:


When they embed the transmitters, rather than having to snap them on with industrial magnets, as is presently the case, they have you.

Our longtime mechanic told us yesterday that there are new Federal regulations about cars. First, smog checks will be done every year, then new cars will be equipped so that they don't need to be smogged. There will be transmitters built into the car that gives you the convenience of not having to go the a smog check station - because the data will be sent in real-time.

I haven't verified this,

LPID (license plate identification) technology is currently keeping track of your auto in several states and Europe. LPID works this way: LPID software reads license plates from the traffic cams that seem to be everywhere. Police see where you were at after the fact by searching the LPID database, or virtually real-time based on what traffic cam you just drove by.

Automobile repo agents are also beginning to use LPID technology for real-time skip tracing and auto repo. They don't have to waste time finding out where you out via phone calls, stake-outs, etc. They can find your car easily via LPID.

The Bush Administration #2, only worse.

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