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June 28, 2011


Yes, I read that DC piece the other day - I was particularly taken with the massive operation they described.

Remember when Obama laughingly said that if we embrace the wonderful new highspeed rail plan we wouldn't have to take off our shoes and go through embarrassing full body scans? Dream on.


"Planes, trains and automobiles — the Transportation Security Administration is now inspecting them all. And trolleys, ferries, subways and even private cars.

For several years now, TSA has coordinated with local and federal law enforcement agencies to perform inspections and large-scale training operations through its VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) program, targeting random transportation centers and giving unsuspecting citizens its trademark pat-downs. (AFL-CIO wins representation of TSA agents)

TSA conducted more than 8,000 VIPR operations in the past 12 months alone, including more than 3,700 operations in mass transit and passenger railroad venues.

In 2009, the total cost to taxpayers was $30 million. And now the agency is requesting funding for 12 more VIPR teams, which would bring the total to 37 squads and a budget of almost $110 million a year."

Yeah and Agent Orange and D.U. ammo are good for you.
This whole "Homeland Security" Gestapo system needs to be eliminated and turned back over to local control as it was designed. Billions of dollars wasted on theater and distractions.

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