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December 04, 2012


Were that the case, then the managers would be better at it.

That would have been the zoo director, hired about four years ago, repeating talking points. Actually wild elephant herds are matriarchal; bulls are expelled when they get to be annoying; usually in early teen years. It's silly to discuss "matriarchal herds", however, when you're talking about three unrelated cows and one calf.

The chimps taught them.

I listened to the press conference this morning, and the zoo manager (or whatever she is) must have used the term "matriarchal herd" 150 times or more. She gave the distinct impression that the Zoo is primarily engaging in some sort of strange social engineering experiment to see if they can redesign elephants to be more "feminist-friendly" as a species.

If they were all that good at it, they wouldn't have got caught.

But...they lie and obfuscate so well!

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