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December 05, 2012


By recruiting his nutty friends and packing the voting PCP rolls with them.
The only source I can name is the man himself. He came to a meeting bragging about how he had gone up to people (while going door to door campaigning) and preaching and praying for them. He was told then and there by a few outraged members, of the board, including the chairman, that he could not do that kind of thing when representing the GOP.

Care to name any sources?

I thought the same, though "P"'s comments give me pause in regard to this guy. That noted, I've been all for tossing the establishment Repubs out - starting with Bonehead Boehner. Instead, he's tossing conservatives off committees. It's enough to piss off the Pope, and I ain't even Catholic, so you know how I feel.

How the heck did he ever get elected Party chair for WashCo?

Trail tip: don't broadcast your diatribe from a business address.He probably hits "reply all" when he responds to email, too.

"Greg Leo, the chief of staff for the Oregon Republican Party, said Bray's remarks do not represent the views of the party or the GOP state central committee."

Why the hell not? Bray's remarks were right on the money and should be shouted from the rooftops by every self-respecting Republican.

"'We do not endorse or support what he is saying,' said Leo. 'Those are his beliefs, not the party's.'"

And that right there is why the GOP loses elections. Spineless appeasers like Leo who can't even identify the enemy, much less fight one, are as much to blame for the state of the country as the evil Democrats because they don't support those willing to stand up for what's right. Unless twits like Leo are purged from the party and sent into political exile, the Republican party will soon cease to exist.

Conservatism wins elections and fills the coffers. Yet the Establishment, in their infinite wisdom, would rather support milquetoast losers with a half-hearted "moderate" ideology (if they're even able to articulate anything) than throw their weight behind someone willing to fight. Why? What are they afraid of? Winning?

I've never understood the Republican establishment's death wish. What do they hope to gain by losing? The adoration of the media? The invitations to swanky cocktail parties? They've never had the media's respect and never will, and the best any Republican's ever done socially is having to babysit Jugears on the golf course. If the establishment really hates the base so much, then maybe it's time for them to switch sides and at least have the satisfaction of winning every once in a while. Self-flagellation accomplishes nothing. It's time for the GOP base to dump the masochistic wing of the party and start winning elections.

This is the same joker who went around during a recent campaign proslelytizing Christianity, door to door. When he was told that was not to be done, he pulled a fuss and refused to quit. He and his faction were the cause of so much trouble that many of the party loyal workers quit.

Speaking Truth to Power is always risky.

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