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February 24, 2013


 But, the young people in those 1969 photos grew up on junk food too. Actually, they  likely ate more junk food then than now - especially after that second joint!   But yeah - when I was a kid, biking, hiking, running, and climbing were all unrestricted activities. I had three morning paper routes, delivered by bike, and I detassled corn out in the fields.

That was back in the days when kids could actually do physical labor--work in the fields, have paper routes, and something not the fault of modern laws and PC, ride their bikes all over without parental fear for their safety. We used to ride all over from about age 6 to 8 when we got our first bikes.

As I remember there was just as much junk food like transfat chips and snacks, sugary soft drinks, candies (none of them sugarless) and junk food vending machines in the schools and McDonalds and Col. Sanders (KFC) cheap and easily accessible. And no one felt guilty or ordered salads (except cole slaw). They were part of the simple pleasures of life.

I wonder how much the proliferation of smoking had on keeping weight down for a broad swath of the population.

All this is just musing. Only the lack of extensive bike riding among the young and physical jobs available fits with the standard view of why American society is so much heavier.

Gary Taubes has pointed to a class differentiation as having an impact. Maybe the War on Poverty in actually increasing the percentage of the poor is part of the problem. Or maybe just decades of lots of junk food from the 1950's on has finally had its impact. But, the young people in those 1969 photos grew up on junk food too.

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