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May 10, 2013


Yes, as the embedded link takes you directly to the site, and clearly indicates - it came from Taft's blog, which I noticed while scanning the Oregon Watchdog site. However, considering what routinely goes on in and around the trains, it's certainly believable.

You got this from Victoria Taft, she blew it on this one.
The original tweet was about a cat on the fishhook, the fishhook is the turn the red line makes coming into and going out of Gateway. It was a real cat.

One of the subscribers made a joke about that and it was re-tweeted by scanner cause it was funny.

Victoria didn't read the twitter thread nor did she listen to the CALL!

No business taxes, no utilities - maybe they should expand to the WES train, which only carries 800 riders a week. But it offers free WiFi, so the girls can drum up additional business during the down-time.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well!!!

See, they really ARE trying to make small businesses prosper.

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