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June 19, 2013


In the Portland model, it's the unconnected and unlucky "out of sight - out of mind" community. Look for Bloomie to do the same. Portland started telling grocers and restaurants to include their pull-dated and leftover food in special composting bins, and they got so much that North Plains was overflowing. Finally, the state stepped in - this isn't leftover salad and peas were' talking about; it includes bones, meat, fish, dairy; all the sort of stuff no home composter would ever even try to compost (and with good reason). In addition to the odor, there were the vermin.... Portland ended up trucking all of the commercial slop to a site 150 miles north, which has settled things somewhat in North Plains. But really, how "green&sustainable" is it to drive slop-trucks 300 miles in order to "compost" the stuff?

Wouldn't the sustainable place to put be Brooklyn, or will it more likely get dumped on some unconnected and unlucky "out of sight - out of mind" community?

NYC? Now, that's gonna be a lot of slop!

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