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August 17, 2013


Ha ha. They can't keep the streets paved as it is: the backlog of maintenance for Portland streets is equal to a two lane highway stretching from here to San Francisco. And the Portland response? Why, float the idea of imposing a "carbon tax" on fuels and utilities to pay for basic road maintenance.

Apparently, the number of pathological gamblers seeking treatment is small - but since they're addicted to flashing video screens, ads might improve the situation, or at least get their attention.

The way OBumbler works, if he decides that gambling is a "right", he'll make sure the IRS penalizes you if you fail to play.

If they started curing compulsive gamblers, they'd lost a lot of revenue (and might not be able to keep the streets paved).

On the other hand, I have to wonder if any of those 81000 gamblers have actually been cured - or how many tried.

It won't be long before Obama Rex decides that "gambling is a right" - and therefore should be subsidized.

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