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August 23, 2013


Well-put, BD! I do believe you've nailed it.

Experienced diversity advocates who say they want acceptance, tolerance, and allowance move right along to demand approval, celebration, and embracement without missing a beat.

Sorry, ZZ, but you have it backwards. The program runs as follows: find someone who won't accede, then find someone who will, then sue the former for "discrimination".

"... of us must compromise, if only a little, ..."

A little?

I remember that this case started some years back. The wheels of justice (I mean, of course, Law) grind slowly.

I seems to be a tactic of the homosexual left: find some poor slob to give in to your demands, then sue the heck out of them,

Never been to NM, but as long as religious practice involves no physical harm to others (such as sawing off infidels' heads), government has no place in running interference for the cause du jour.

(New Mexico law does not recognize either marriage or civil unions between persons of the same sex)
So where does the judge find this "constitutional right"? Musta been up on Sandia Crest breathing the thin air there.

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