FALMOUTH, Maine (AP) — A Maine police department is warning residents to steer clear of black market Butterballs.

The police department in Falmouth reports a Hannaford supermarket had to discard frozen turkeys that thawed out because of a mechanical failure. Police say the problem is that someone collected them from a trash bin with the idea of redistributing them.

Police say people should beware of the black market turkeys because they’re dangerous to consume. They urge any consumers who came across them to put them in the trash where they belong.

And in more news from the universe of food and drink, Budweiser plans to grow barley at the International Space Station, beginning next month. They want to see how microgravity affects their ingredients, with an eye toward brewing their product in space. You bet they've got a mission patch:

bud on marsThey plan to be the first beer on Mars, providing fresh beer to colonizers. If you can call that stuff beer....

They have a plan for that Martian water!